Aircraft tragedies

Although it’s terrifying to think about, the reality is that planes, and especially helicopters, continue to crash. Airplanes and helicopters are complex machines that must adhere to careful and precise design standards, meet high safety requirements, and undergo rigorous maintenance checks. These procedures are mandatory protocols that must be followed to minimize the number of aviation accidents, as aviation crashes are among the most catastrophic transportation tragedies.

When planes and helicopters crash, they completely devastate the families of pilots, crews, and passengers alike. These families require the best legal help available to identify and hold the proper parties responsible.

Aviation accidents shed some light onto the complex nature of personal injury law. Due to the government’s extensive interests in aviation crashes, the laws surrounding air travel are more convoluted than most other personal injury laws. For this reason, it is imperative that you work with an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle aviation accidents legally.

Various theories of legal liability exist under state, federal, and international law that can tangle into a confusing maze. Multiple defendants and at-fault parties are usually involved in every crash.

Aviation accident law covers major air carriers, as well as general aviation accidents such as offshore transportation. General aviation includes all non-commercial aircraft, such as small planes, small and large personal and business jets, charter flights, pleasure crafts, and helicopters.

To hold a party responsible for an airplane accident, the victim’s, or victim’s family members must prove the defendant failed to meet the legal standard related to operating the aircraft, or related to the engineering, maintenance, or other issues that led to the crash.

To successfully resolve these and other legal issues associated with a given aviation accident, contact the experienced personal injury attorney at Toce Law. Andre’ Toce has successfully handled many aviation crashes. Together, we will help you get through this tragedy by bringing the party/parties responsible to justice by forcing them to pay full compensation for all damages.

Aircraft Accident Law...

If you or a loved one has been involved in an aircraft crash, it can be bewildering to try to understand how and why it happened. The most common causes of both major carrier and general aviation crashes include the following:

❖ Pilot Error
❖ Faulty equipment or maintenance
❖ Federal Aviation Administration regulation violations
❖ Structural or design defects
❖ Negligence of Flight Service Station employees
❖ Negligence of Federal Air Traffic Controllers
❖ Negligence in a third party's selection of a carrier
❖ Negligence in Managing the Loads
❖ Negligence is Failing to Adhere to Adverse Weather Conditions

Causes of Accidents...

While the situation is different for each aviation accident, claims for personal injury or death resulting from an aviation accident usually fall under legal contexts of negligence, products liability, or both. Air travel is regulated by two federal agencies, meaning that the nation’s rules and regulations may impact a personal injury claim.

Many parties can be held responsible when claims are made caused by an aviation accident, including the aircraft providers, pilots, load crews and maintenance crews. Product liability claims can be made against manufacturers and sellers of defective products that could have caused the crash. Additionally, if the aircraft operator acted negligently, then the owner will be liable to pay the damages caused to those injured or killed.

Personal Injury Claims for Aircraft Accidents...

Aviation personal injury law is intricate and extensive, requiring sharp analytical skills to decode state, federal, and sometimes international laws as applied to the crash. The number of defendant parties, questions of venue (where to file), aviation engineering, industry standards, and federal government rules and regulations prove that there are many complex factors that influence the case. Don’t take on this difficult journey alone; Toce Law’s team of professionals can help you.

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