We have extensive jury trial experience, and have been lead counsel in more than 100 trials. Mr. Toce has more than 25 years of litigation and trial experience.

The attorneys at The Toce Firm represent those injured or damaged through the fault of others. They also represent small business owners, independent business owners, and investors. When your business has been threatened, wrongfully harmed, or damaged, you can count on us to protect your livelihood.
We represent oilfield service companies, laborers, and suppliers who deserve to be paid for their work. Our Legal Team also has extensive experience representing independent producers, service companies, mineral rights owners, royalty owners, and landowners in obtaining what is rightfully theirs. Oil, gas and other mineral rights are treated uniquely in Louisiana. We have extensive experience in the complex field of Louisiana Mineral Rights.
Allow us to be your advocate when a loved one has been taken from you. We represent widows, orphaned children and heirs. If you are coping with the traumatic death of a loved one, you need a legal expert and team to work closely with you and help you.

Serious injuries, or death, demand serious results. In fact, our success in and out of the courtroom is what sets us apart. The Toce Firm Team has an unblemished record in all cases we have taken to trial

--A Phenomenal Success Rate!