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Unlike other methods of industrial transportation, large trucks are unique in the fact that they use the the same method of travel as 86 percent of everyday people. These commercial trucks can weigh well over a 100,000 pounds when loaded. Due to the sheer weight and size of these vehicles, they pose a threat to the safety of others even when not traveling at high speeds.

While truck drivers are licensed and trained operators, the vehicles that they drive are difficult to steer and brake slowly. If a truck is involved in an accident, it can cause severe damage and serious injuries because of the power behind these monstrous vehicles.

Most often, truck accident victims are seriously injured since the trucks’ weight and size cause them to pummel through smaller passenger vehicles, ultimately giving little chance to those inside to escape unharmed.

Truck accidents can be as intricate and complicated as they are terrifying and damaging. During this troubling time, it is important to understand the different causes that can lead to a truck accident, as well as the options in front of you when faced with this situation.
Statistically, when a truck driver is at fault, one of the following causes the accident:

❖ Drug or Alcohol Use
❖ Traffic Violations
❖ Heavy, Overweight, or Shifting Load
❖ Truck Driver Error
❖ Insufficient or Poor Driver Training

Each of the above reasons leads to your right to make a claim if you are injured in an Big Rig crash. When you or a loved one is seriously injured in a truck accident, you can become overwhelmed with the complications that result from such trauma. To ensure that you are being taken care of with all that is going on, contact Toce Law to assist you every step of the way. 
Once you hire us, we take care of everything. You will not need to talk to anyone about the crash except your doctors – no interviews with insurance company claims people, trucking company people trying to shift the blame onto you, police or sheriff’s deputies, your insurance company, or anyone else. We do all of that.

Causes of Truck Accidents...

Just like other serious accidents, truck accidents are complex and devastating. Unfortunately, injuries caused by careless truck drivers are usually more serious and sometimes fatal. Damages must be assessed, and the cause must be uncovered.

Insurance companies often try to resolve these claims quickly, before the victims know what their claims are worth. without involving a lawyer. The insurance company may offer to cover the repairs to the vehicle and the victim’s medical bills.

While this may seem like a great option, there are many other factors that affect the situation. You must consider the long-term complications that can result from such crashes. Ask yourself the following questions in order to be prepared for the future consequences of the crash:

❖ What if the injured person is out of work for a period of time or permanently?
❖ What if there will be expensive, long-term medical costs?
❖What if the injured person is the primary earner in a household, and bills won’t be able to be paid as a result of his or her inability to work?
❖What if serious, permanent injuries are discovered later after necessary medical tests?

Issues Arising from Truck Accidents...

Questions like the ones listed above are encountered all too often, but if you hire us, we will get all the compensation you deserve, and protect other potential victims. If you or a loved one has been injured recently in an 18 Wheeler of commercial truck crash, it is imperative that you contact us, immediately. We know the correct steps to take.

You and your loved ones are overwhelmed, in physical and mental distress, and trying to focus on a full recovery. For this reason, you should contact Andre’ Toce, a professional, experienced lawyer who can and will represent you and fight for what you deserve.

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