We put you first when it comes to protecting your legal rights. Our lawyers and staff have the experience, knowledge and compassion to help you when you need it the most. We are a down-to-earth team that is extremely loyal to our valued clients.
We have built our excellent reputation by solely representing injured parties and businesses. We Never have, and Never will, represent insurance companies, publicly traded companies, big oil companies, or any other large corporation.
Our jury trial experience and success rate is well known throughout legal circles and works to prevent you from being bullied into a settlement that is not fair, adequate or reasonable.

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Trucking Accident
Settled eve of jury trial

Royalty and Land Owners Class action
Settled after Class Certification Hearing and Multi-District Litigation Panel

Gas Well Blowout - 7 burn victims, 1 death
Settled with Operator prior to Trial
Another Settlement with Contractor after Trial

Toxic Tort Case
Multiple parties
Settled prior to trial

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Andre is a reputable lawyer who does not need bill boards to advertise his experience. He does not stop until he gets you what you're owed!

- Anne

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